Of the thousands of rivers, creeks, lakes and billabongs in Australia a small percentage are inhabited by the two species of crocodile (croc) that live here and all are restricted to the very northern tropical regions of the country. – Crocodiles have an average length of about 4-5 m , yet the largest specimens (e.g. (And alligators are an american animal - so they are even less common). Despite the river's name, there are no alligators in Australia. These instances are very rare. However, when in the US, chances are you’ll come across an alligator before you ever see a crocodile. Alligators, on the other hand, can only be found in eastern China and the southeast of the United States. Read "Alligators" by Guy N Smith available from Rakuten Kobo. It was named after the river’s many crocodiles by European explorers who apparently couldn’t tell the difference. Morgan and Albury think that Crocodylus rhombifer dispersed from Cuba to The Bahamas during a glacial period, when sea levels were much lower and overwater distances greatly reduced. I'm not sure about that, but there are certainly more crocodiles than people where I live, in the Kimberley in Western Australia. Authorities thought the whale was too big to be attacked by crocodiles, unless it became weak or sick. And you thought it was safe to climb. Saltwater crocs, as the name suggests live in salty waters of the sea, inlets estuaries and upstream in rivers. There are more species of crocodiles around the world, but the only kind you are likely to find in the United States are American Crocodiles (Crocodylus acutus), and they could be found at the northern end of their range in south Florida. There are also reports of Bahamian “alligators” in travelogues by Peter Henry Bruce in 1782 and Daniel McKinnen in 1804. This is the only thing preventing me from enjoying the ocean these days. there are different types of animals in Hawaii but i don't really know about alligators there might be some salt water gators. I googled and it appeared there are some in Australia. Lizards do it. They get big and they like to eat people. Astrophysical Observatory. But are there alligators or crocodiles in any of the other oceans or seas? It was named after the river’s many crocodiles by European explorers who apparently couldn’t tell the difference. NZ has a very poor selection of wildlife (apart from birds) - so no, you won't find any there. They may sell our merchandise, keep an AKF donation box … It was named after the river's many crocodiles by European explorers who apparently couldn't tell the difference. Along with their obvious physical differences, alligators are found in a few limited places in the U.S. and China while the crocodile's habitat ranges across North America, to Asia, to Australia, and even Africa. Alligators versus Crocodiles - There are no crocodiles in Texas. Crocodiles are found in the northern parts of the australian coast line. They can be found in some zoos and animal sactuaries. There are proximately 3 million alligators in the States, while the … The crocodile, named Elenore, currently lives at the Aquarium in Vannes. The shape of the crocodiles snout is much more pointed then that of the alligator. It was named after the river's many crocodiles by European explorers who apparently could not tell the difference. Even educated axolotls do it. read more Source: wiki.answers.com The remote regions of it’s range will likely remain remote for the foreseeable future, they can live and breed largely undisturbed there. Despite the river’s name, there are no alligators in Australia. We believed this would end up being a few dull aged publish, however it paid out with regard to my personal period. The alligator and crocodile are close relatives but distinctive creatures. crocodile Monday (July 9). And while most laypeople would be startled to see one of the large reptiles on a tree branch, tree-climbing is actually “surprisingly common” behavior for alligators and crocodiles, according to a 2014 study published in the journal Herpetology Notes. Within Australia the prospects for saltwater crocodiles seem good in some areas, but is uncertain in others.

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