From the ergonomic handle and lighter weight machine to the even quieter motor and a wider cleaning radius, the HomeCare Complete C3 Plus will impress you with its features. With the Miele HomeCare Complete C3 Plus, you have suction controls via the handle with six power levels from 1200 all the way down to 300 watts for every cleaning need, from draperies to carpeting. Introducing HomeCare Complete C3 Plus, one of the canister vacuums in the Miele Complete C3 series. The Miele Complete C3 HomCare with the SEB236 power nozzle is the best canister vacuum on the market for suction power, filtration, pet hair and value. Looking for a dealer in your area? Call One of Our Specialists 1-727-526-5188, in the lower 48 on orders over $80 - all other orders $5.95shipping. Miele has enhanced the already quiet motor with a new casing that has earned the name "silence motor" because of its whisper quiet operation. shall not be considered a defect in materials or workmanship. The Miele HomeCare Complete C3 Plus vacuum comes equipped with a 70 inch poly foam flexible suction hose for advanced ability to follow, advanced stability, and a higher durability. Recommended for: Carpeting, area rugs, and smooth flooring. The Miele Complete C3 HomeCare holds 4.76 quarts of dirt and debris. Find a dealer for domestic customers I’ve made the Cat & Dog unit from right the biggest, since this is my main recommendation, but we’ll see about that later. Easily operate the power level for the surface being cleaned by +/- footswitches located on the vacuum cleaner. Ended: Sep 22, 2020. From Wall-to-Wall Carpet to Wood Floors to Drapes to the Clean Air it Expels, It cleans it all. The Electro Comfort electrobrush is an electrically-driven carpet tool with floating head and swivel neck design for easy maneuverability. With the Miele SEB236 Electro Premium, you'll be able to clean your carpeting and use the included SBD285-3 AllTeQ Combination carpet/smooth floor tool for your hard flooring. Complete C3 HomeCare PowerLine - SGFE0 canister vacuum cleaners with comprehensive accessories for nearly every cleaning challenge. When it comes to cleaning, the Miele Complete C3 Homecare was built to tackle the toughest of messes. Miele C3 Homecare + Powerline Seb 236 #10014750. Comfort grip handle SES131: Deluxe handle grip with electrobrush controls and suction controls. PRODUCT. Bag change indicator takes the guesswork out of maintenance. Miele C3 SGPE0 HomeCare+ Canister Vacuum is a Local Alternative to the Miele Complete C3 Brilliant Canister with more accessorizes. High suction power – 1200 W AllTeQ floorhead is ideal for hard floors and low-pile carpet. Miele HomeCare vacuums are ideal for busy households with children or four-legged friends. §T§(¯»nÄ%»Z6m]Œ¤ö¾tB6Χ®/— ¦jÚ`‚L9Ù¥^+¾6L¶Zû0d“-…Sµ*Á+á¨,ҕNˆ Õû¤ášì5§–UÆoﱕ5Öås&•¤Qƒ‰OÌWîšòÕþŒRõ ø]îuy#Åև“8mêÛ8¼ª²[Ü$©¢f÷‚7"Á‚ìZù¶ŒÏ뺬± ;Þ4u´@Çã]‡Ú"”QZÈѬŒßÊ­Ì%ëú¨¾þÏ=mSIvÃhžàˆF ˜;Rü—;ù$–‘wYÑGÄX fá-EÎÀU×ã»/,K,ۘGn…yT];Øvµ1ãȶýÀ©x,¿\¼eÙX:Y)ôu:=¼:I-#!â¶cœ‰àX4c“¡ÏYgæ8;yãE4-¢Ò@œ£82Ìi@•4&;0¨QE»Üã4òšy‚ PRODUCT. We want you to leave with a clean and healthy machine to carry you through your creative endeavors! The Miele Pure Suction was designed for homes with hard flooring, area rugs, and low pile carpeting. Miele's R&D and Quality Control laboratories have been working for 80 years perfecting the "sealed system" to reduce indoor air pollutants. Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction $ 399.00 Add to cart; Miele Classic C1 HomeCare PowerLine – SBAN0 $ 799.00 Find a Dealer; Miele Complete C3 HomeCare+ PowerLine – SGPE0 $ 1,499.00 Find a Dealer; Miele FJM AirClean 3D Efficiency FilterBags Miele Complete C3 Calima The Miele Complete C3 Homecare amends that problem by having the Miele Upholstery Tool, Miele Crevice Tool, and Miele SSP10 Natural Bristle Dusting Brush store inside a dedicated compartment as shown in the photo below. $949.00. The redesigned ergonomic handle makes it so easy to lift and they've made the Complete C3s even lighter. $899.00. FREE SHIPPING in the lower 48 on orders over $80 - all other orders $5.95shipping. The Miele Complete C3 boasts of the H.E.P.A. Miele C3 Pure Suction Complete HomeCare SGFEO. Call our Miele VIP line: 727-209-3828 Complete C3 Alize Complete C3 Calima Complete C3 Kona Complete C3 SoftCarpet Complete C3 Cat & Dog Complete C3 Marin Complete C3 Brilliant; Starting Price: $699.00. Classic C1 Canisters is warrantied (1) year from date of purchase for the complete vacuum including the vacuum motors, power head motors, the structural integrity of the vacuum cleaner casings (bodies), and for labor. Miele HomeCare models now come with a 10 Year Motor and housing Warranty as well as a 5 Year parts and labor warranty. Miele Complete C3 Home Care PowerLine SGFE0 Canister Vacuum, Mango Red* Condition: New. C3 Homecare. If you're looking for a light and compact canister vacuum, this Miele HomeCare Complete C3 Plus canister with the SEB236 deluxe powerhead may be the best choice for you. filtration, now a standard feature in all the Miele S8's. PRODUCT. The Miele HomeCare Complete C3 vacuum is designed for smooth flooring and low pile carpeting. $799.00. Miele is the largest family owned floor care manufacturer in the world, with over a million vacuum cleaners leaving their Biefeld Factory, located in Germany, every year. No one tests vacuum cleaners like we do. Easy to understand graphic symbols will guide you to choose the right power level for each cleaning surface. Miele Complete C3 Calima Canister HEPA Vacuum Cleaner + STB 305-3 Turbobrush Bundle - Includes Miele Performance Pack 16 Type GN AirClean Genuine FilterBags + Genuine AH50 HEPA Filter … This feature selects the correct motor speed automatically for the job at hand. The Miele HomeCare Complete C3 Plus Canister Vacuum is designed for smooth flooring and low pile carpeting. 11181050 Complete C3 HomeCare PowerLine - SGFE0 799.0 Vacuum cleaners 1 /e/canister-vacuum-cleaners-complete-c3-homecare-powerline-sgfe0-11181050-p Discounts, coupons & financing available for Miele Complete C3! Ordinary wear and tear or cosmetic damage (scuffs, scratches, gouges, dents, etc.) Pretty colored, aren’t they? Central Vacuum DIY Help, Info, and Videos, Central Vacuum Tools, Accessories, & Attachments, Central Vacuum Packages & Customizable Kits, Central Vacuum Repair and Replacement Parts, Made in the USA Central Vacuum Power Units, Cord Length / Cleaning Path for Miele (Ft), Deluxe Comfort Swivel Handle with Suction and Electrobrush Controls, 5 Year Parts and Labor plus 10 Year Motor and Casing, SEB236 Electro Premium Powerhead with L.E.D lighting, SBD285-3 AllTeQ Combination carpet/smooth floor tool, Deluxe handle grip with Electrobrush controls and suction controls, Wands; Stainless Steel Electric Telescopic Wand, Three fully integrated accessories in a velvet lined storage compartment, Canister Construction - Exclusive 12-Stage AirClean Sealed System to keep the dirt inside the vacuum, ©1999-2017 Central Vacuum Stores, 12101 31st Court N, St. Petersburg, Florida 33716. Miele Complete C3 Brilliant $ 1,499.00 Add to cart; Related products. Offer valid through December 31, 2020. The travel ramp design lets you move your vacuum easily over thresholds and around obstructions. They've created a whole new line of vacuums with innovative features to provide customers with an even better product. ! That this product, if found to be defective within the stated warranty period, will be repaired free of charge to the consumer (both parts and labor) by an authorized Miele service agent. $699.00. Each Type GN vacuum bag comes equipped with a hygienic, self-closing collar that is guaranteed to keep all dirt securely inside. Miele Complete C3 Canister Vacuum Cleaner Features and Benefits: Power – Motor: 1200-watt, low-noise, high-output Miele-made Vortex Motor System, Filtration System: 4.76-quart-quart capacity, G/N AirClean FilterBag and Active H.E.P.A. Filter. Motor: 1200 Watt Vortex: Brushhead: STB205-3 Turbo: Cathey’s trained Service Technicians offer a variety of service levels to meet the needs of you and your machine. Trade in any vacuum at your local Miele HomeCare Dealer and receive $100 toward a brand new HomeCare vacuum! The All-New Miele Complete C3 Pure Suction Canister Vacuum features a powerful 1,200 watt Miele made vortex motor and comes equipped with a variety of cleaning attachments and two floorheads. Each Miele vacuum was German-engineered by the greatest minds to be durable, safe and easy to use. Miele Complete C3 Powerline – Cleaning The C3 Powerline’s relatively small trio of wheels on the underside move very well on smooth hard floors but struggle a … That this product, including all of its Miele authorized parts is free of defects in material and workmanship.

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