This South African endemics list is a subset of the Official Birdlife South Africa country bird list, which is updated annually and can be downloaded from the same URL shown above. It includes informative articles and stunning photographs of Africa's birds. This past week The Blue Swallow Working Group with the help of a number of volunteers undertook surveys of potential sites found in KwaZulu-Natal. Aim. Whole Food Nutrition for Health and Fitness AIM's green juice, AIM BarleyLife, and other premium AIM whole food supplements increase health, provide ultimate sports nutrition, and … The research that they are funding is helping BirdLife South Africa better understand the threats facing African Penguin and will be vital for reversing the decline of the species. Convention on Biological Diversity BirdLife is the International Thematic Focal Point for birds to the CBD Clearing-House Mechanism which aims to share knowledge and exchange information. The chicks are among 2,000 that were rescued after … For more information click here. Our philosophy: We are passionate about our clients and the service we provide. The sheer variety of birdlife in South Africa is impressive; made up of typical African birds, migrants, and endemic birds. We are independent distributors of AIM South Africa. 1. BirdLife South Africa's vision is to promote the enjoyment, understanding, study and conservation of wild birds and their habitats. Visitors can join up with a formal birding tour group or can explore the country and its species on their own. Our number one priority is to ensure that our candidates’ personal aspirations and motivations match the opportunities our clients offer. The Southern Africa region experiences a relatively high influx of immigration into South Africa. South Africa’s national flower is the largest of the proteas, which make up an important part of the Cape Floral Region, a major global biodiversity hotspot and a Unesco World Heritage site. Aim of apartheid. Magazine Description: African Birdlife is a world-class bi-monthly magazine about birds and birdwatching in Africa. The vision of BirdLife South Africa is to promote the conservation, research, understanding, observation of and enjoyment of natural birds, and their habitats. Fourteen properties, encompassing some of the most important breeding habitat for White-backed Vulture in the Zululand region, will be managed in ways that will maximise vultures’ safety. Like many other developing countries, South Africa's population as a whole is quite young. The AIM International product line offers the highest quality food & juicing concentrates, herbal supplements and health products available on the market. BirdLife South Africa strives to conserve birds and their habitats in South Africa. Wake Up South Africa This channel is associated with: Loving Life 2020 supplementary channel: To purchase the AIM products in South Africa, simply contact the local office and request membership under Sponsor ID #443314: AIM South Africa P.O. Category: Animals and Pets. The goal of apartheid was to separate the people of South Africa into small independent nations. Written by a team of highly respected authorities, this comprehensive identification guide is invaluable to all birders, aspirant and experienced. The network of more than 40 Bird Club/branches and affiliates provides a great resource, which allows BLSA to achieve much more than it could through its dedicated staff alone. The IBA Fund will support work in IBAs which aim to improve the state of the habitats, for the benefit of birds and other biodiversity, and to address immediate threats to IBAs. As a NGO-government partnership BirdLife works through carefully selected partner organisations in seven countries. Once numbering in the millions, the South African population of African Penguin Spheniscus demersus has declined to fewer than 20,000 pairs. Under warming red light at a rescue centre in Cape Town baby flamingos are fed, weighed and cared for. Save Species (prevent extinctions and maintain or improve the conservation status of bird species). Posted by David Braun. The galjoen is unique to South Africa’s coastline, extending to Namibia. Frequency: Bi-Monthly. 188 were here. 2. South Africa is Africa’s foremost polluter and reportedly its mining sector, mainly coal, contributes about 40% of the total greenhouse gas emissions on the continent.

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